DOB 9th July 1995

EVENT – 100m – 200m -400m  T35

MEDAL – BRONZE in 200m T35 at the 5th World Championship in Doha 2015

PERSONAL BEST : 100 m – 14.91 sec

200 m – 31.67 sec

400m – 1.19,44 sec


 “ I have discovered that the results arrive only when I enjoy what I do “

Oxana lives in Rome with the Italian family Corso and her sister Olga. She studies International business economics at the University.

Before Oxana and Olga’s house was the orphanage number 5 in Saint Petersburg (Russia). It was there that in September 1998 Angela and Piero met their daughters. They flew to Russia for finalising the adoption of Olga, a little girl of 7 months, who was suggested to them by the Russian mediator Tatiana.

At the same time there was another couple interested in Oxana, who was the natural sister of Olga. Oxana was only a 2 years and 7 months old girl, who had spent already most of her short life in the orphanage hospital for a problem on her right foot.

The initial couple gave up with Oxana’s adoption process, which prompted the Italian family to apply for both the sisters. They were already in love with Olga but when they saw Oxana along the corridor turning her face towards them saying “Daddy”, they decided that nobody could have taken away the daughter from them.


When they brought Oxana to Italy, the physical problem looked worse than what they initially thought it could have been. The doctors diagnosed cerebral palsy. Oxana had 3 surgeries and she wore a brace for many years. But she has never given up.

In 2006 she started running on the Roman tracks after being noticed by a coach during the sport classes at school. Since then she has been taking part in different athletic events and competitions at school till she turned 13 and when she met the coach of the National athletic team who opened a new world to her.


The first major results were achieved in 2012 when, selected to be part of the National Paralympic Team, she won two silver medals in 100m and 200m at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London and two gold medals in 100m and 200m at the IPC Athletic European Championships in Stadskanaal.

From 2014 she has been part of the Fiamme Gialle sport team.

Recently she has started training also for the 400m reaching already a great result: a new T35 world record with 1:19.27 sec achieved in 2015 at the National Championships for Paralympic athletes in Casalmaggiore (Italy).

“We as Paralympic athletes during our events look strong in all our fragility, showing that everyone has got problems, but in life everything can be overcome and we can go on with a big smile”.


Performance Date Place
IPC European Championships – Stadskanaal Gold – 100m 2012 16,04
Gold – 200m 2012 33,78
Paralympic Games – London Silver – 100m 2012 15,94
Silver – 200m 2012 33,68
4th IPC World Championships – Lyon Gold – 100m 2013 15,63
Gold – 200m 2013 33,43
IPC European Championships – Swansea Silver – 100m 2014 16,51
Silver – 200m 2014 34,37
5th IPC World Championships – Doha Bronze – 200m 2015 32,20
Casalmaggiore 400m 2015 1.19,27
8th IPC World Championships- Doha Silver -100m 2016 15,31
8th IPC World Championships – Doha Bronze -400m 2016 1.20,86
Grand Prix Grosseto 200m 2016 31,67
Grand Prix Grosseto 100m 2016 14.91

“Sport made me growing up a better person. I don’t think it is correct to associate the idea of disability with sport, because when I run I feel like an athlete. Sport affords you that kind of freedom that helps you in the everyday life. You don’t experience the pressure of others, or even their stares. You just feel strong, that’s all.”


“When I was a kid I used to look and judge my imperfections. I didn’t feel pretty. I could not see beyond my different way of walking. Now I like those imperfections. They are the best things I have, because they distinguish myself from the others. I have gained more self-confidence and awareness of my body thanks to sport, and now I feel more beautiful”.